Learn More | Carole Philipson for Lakeland City Commission

I’ve immersed myself in a listening and learning tour before and during my run for Lakeland City Commission. I’ve spoken not only with numerous City leaders and department heads, attended city commission meetings and workshops, but have also spoken with members of neighborhood associations and community members in all parts of our city – to learn about your thoughts and priorities.

Based on what I’ve heard, I want to build on Lakeland’s momentum to push forward on a path that gives you:

• Safer neighborhoods through providing competitive wages and benefits for police and fire, expanding community policing and the neighborhood liaison program.

• A more business friendly environment, particularly for small and medium size businesses, through a more practical approach to regulatory requirements, such as multi trade inspectors to reduce delays in project completions.

• An end to the digital divide through steps the Commission takes through policy making.

• A walkable downtown in which to live, work, shop and enjoy – with accessible parking.

• Fair taxes by maintaining the dividend received from Lakeland Electric and fiscally prudent budget management.

• A higher average median income in our city by supporting the recruitment of high wage jobs to further develop areas like the Florida Polytechnic campus’s research initiatives.

• Easily accessible and affordable services and activities for all ages.