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Lakeland Electric

I’ve spent a lot of time understanding the City’s operations and budgeting processes, plus I worked many years on the receiving side of municipal services. With that background, I do not favor the November 5 charter amendment that would make it easier to sell Lakeland Electric to a for-profit power company.

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Transportation is a key issue for our City to address as we grow. We have intersections that were not built to handle the growth we are experiencing and will experience in the future. Lakeland must be prepared for these changes.

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Carole Philipson Endorsements

I have listened to members of these groups and learned their concerns about Lakeland’s future and visions for the city’s continued growth. I have shared my background and perspectives. Their time and engagement in meeting with me were valuable and will contribute to my service if I am elected to Lakeland City Commission on November 5.

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